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The Vancouver Commandery, founded in 1986, is the largest of the three Commanderies in the Grand Priory of Canada.  With its vision of delivering support to the sick and poor, the Vancouver Commandery has played a strong role in the funding and delivery of palliative care programs, hospice and other services in our community.

Membership is vital to the success of our organization. With over 180 members, the Vancouver Commandery continues to attract individuals who are prominent in their professions, community or local affairs and who actively support charitable works.

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Vancouver Commandery Vision, Mission and Values

Commanders of the Vancouver Commandery

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Committees of the Vancouver Commandery


The Vancouver Commandery is known in the community as an organization that specializes in the support of palliative/end of life care projects.  The Almoner Committee (Projects) is tasked with reviewing opportunities and bringing forward recommendations for future projects and initiatives to the Commandery Council.  Its activities include the examination of end of life care trends and best practices, the exploration of training opportunities to enhance end of life service delivery and the provision of support to organizations engaged in the development of end of life facilities.

Almoner Committee Terms of Reference and Committee

2023 Almoner’s Report


Grant Application Guide

Grant Application Form

Grant Evaluation Guide

Events & Social

This Committee plans, schedules and organizes events with their venues for various meetings and special activities throughout the calendar year. The purpose is to engage members of the Vancouver Commandery to get to know each other through social, fun and educational
activities. One that comes to mind is arranging the Christmas luncheon.

In a non covid year the Committee was choosing and arranging gatherings in different restaurants for members to come out and meet members, or attend an opera. In the past we have arranged speakers to talk about current topics that are related to helping
the Lord’s sick and poor or pertinent to our hospice and palliative care work throughout the province.

The Committee organizes the Investiture Gala dinner, booking the hotel, choosing the menu and working with the Marshal’s Committee. On the investiture weekend the Committee organizes the Friday night reception for Aspirants, dignitaries and invited guests.It is also involved in the planning of the Orientation evening for the Aspirants.



Herald AGM Report


The purpose of the Hospitaller Committee is to provide Members of the Vancouver Commandery with opportunities to engage in Charitable Volunteer Activity that assists the Lord’s sick and poor and reflects our New Vision and Mission Statements.

Volunteer work may include:
● Fostering Orientation and training in Hospice and Palliative Care
● Encouraging and facilitating trained members volunteering with Palliative Care provider organizations and ongoing volunteering in the Home Care Support in our Community
● Engaging in equally important charitable volunteer programs supporting the poor, sick and vulnerable populations in our community who are not in the Palliative Cohort.

In addition, the Committee prioritizes and pilots the Volunteer Programs chosen and identifies specific goals, expectations and deliverables, timelines, and measurables and key performance indicators.


The Marshal’s Committee is responsible for organizing the Investiture each year.  The Committee is composed of the chairs of multiple committees whose work intersects with the Investiture.


The membership committee receives nominations for potential Aspirants, vets nominees and upon approval of the Commander, initiates and follows up on the membership applications process.  Members of the Commandery, and the Sovereign Order as a whole, are encouraged to consider who in their networks would be a good addition to the Vancouver Commandery.  Three important aspects that are considered in membership applications have been summed up as “Time, Talent and Treasure”.

Potential Aspirant Nomination 2023