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The Vancouver Commandery, founded in 1986, is the largest of the four Commanderies in the Grand Priory of Canada.  With its vision of delivering support to the sick and poor, the Vancouver Commandery has played a strong role in the funding and delivery of palliative care programs, hospice and other services in our community.

Membership is vital to the success of our organization. With over 180 members, the Vancouver Commandery continues to attract individuals who are prominent in their professions, community or local affairs and who actively support charitable works.

Our Commandery has become known in the community as an organization that specializes in the support of palliative/end of life care projects.  The Almoner Committee (Projects) is tasked with reviewing opportunities and bringing forward recommendations for future projects and initiatives to the Commandery Council.  Its activities include the examination of end of life care trends and best practices, the exploration of training opportunities to enhance end of life service delivery and the provision of support to organizations engaged in the development of end of life facilities.

Details are outlined below of the various projects and initiatives in which the Vancouver Commandery is, or has been, involved:

Vancouver Commandery Current Projects

Vancouver Commandery Past Projects

Vancouver Commandery Small Grant Awards


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