Christian Beliefs

The Sovereign Order is a Christian Order. The description of the Cross of Amalfi below summarizes the beliefs we particularly hold. This affirmation is read out at every Investiture Service for new Aspirants.

The Cross of Amalfi

We wear this white cross as a sign of purity.  Wear it also within your heart as well as outwardly, and keep it without soil or stain.  This cross has four arms; it has eight points.  The arms and the points have a symbolic meaning. The four arms represent the four cardinal virtues: prudence, justice, fortitude and temperance.  The eight points are signs of the eight Beatitudes, which you must preserve.  In the Beatitudes you are called to holiness and spiritual joy; to be gentle in word and deed; to long for the coming of the Kingdom; to confidently lean upon God; to seek God’s redeeming grace; to have mercy as God is merciful to you; to let the Holy Spirit rule in your life and to make peace even though you may be reviled and persecuted.