Who We Are

The Sovereign Order of St. John of Jerusalem, Knights Hospitaller (Sovereign Order) is a Christian, chivalric, ecumenical and international community of members, who continue more than 1000 years’ of tradition helping the sick and the poor of all nationalities, races and creeds.

Our Motto is Pro Fide, Pro Utilitate Hominum.  For Faith, For Service to Humanity.

Our modern day Order is divided into 19 Commanderies (chapters) in 8 countries in Europe and North America, consisting of approximately 850 members worldwide. The International office is located in Vancouver, Canada.

The Sovereign Order is Christian. It was founded on chivalric principles of putting others before self.  Members of the Sovereign Order serve their communities, just as the original monks and Knights of the Sovereign Order vowed to do 1000 years ago.  Through goodwill and devotion to a just cause, the Sovereign Order has been in the forefront of some of history’s greatest moments.

The following video is a 17 minute summary of the Sovereign Order as it is today.  It was developed by the Vancouver Commandery to celebrate the 900th anniversary of the Sovereign Order. Despite some localisms, it provides a good overview of our structure and purpose.