SCM 2022 Questions and Answers

Questions and Answers


Welcome to the SCM Questions & Answers Page.

Here are a few basic questions you might have about Vancouver, COVID rules, transportation, and the meetings themselves.


The Basics


What are the dates?

September 12 – 18

 What are the dates for the Sovereign Council Meetings?

September 15 and 16.

 What is the host hotel?

The Pan Pacific Hotel, located downtown on the waterfront,  Click here to get all the information you need – you can also register from this site.  TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE TO RECEIVE SOSJ PREFERENTIAL RATE!

How much does it cost to attend?

The full registration package is CAD $950.
Weekend (Friday/Saturday) is CAD $595.

My spouse/partner is coming with me, but he/she isn’t interested in attending all the activities. Is there a program for them? 

Yes, we have provided some options – see the Registration Page for the details.

What is the deadline for registering?

The registration deadline is August 12th.

What if I register and then must cancel at the last minute – what are the refund options?

We are unable to provide any refunds after 31st May due to the commitment of funds for the various events.

What about the hotel refund policy if I wish to cancel my booking?

Please refer to the hotel cancellation policy details in your room booking confirmation.


Covid Travel Restrictions

What are the restrictions for getting into Canada?

Travel restrictions vary from country to country – we suggest you visit the official Government of Canada website for the most up-to-date information at  As of April 1, fully vaccinated travelers by land do not have to have a COVID test to enter Canada.  There are different regulations for travel by air.

Do I have to wear a mask everywhere I go?

The Province of British Columbia has lifted many of the COVID restrictions.  At this time, masks are not mandatory in most indoor spaces (with the exception of medical-related offices/hospitals, seniors’ homes, etc.)

Do I need to show my vaccination status everywhere I go?

You do not have to show your proof of vaccination (except for various medical facilities and other locations – such as senior care facilities).

Do you have a high number of COVID cases in Vancouver?

Go to: for the latest information about COVID in British Columbia.


Getting Around Vancouver

How do I get from the Airport to the Host Hotel?

You have a few options:

  1. You can take the rapid transit system from the Airport for $10 – the trip on the Canada Line takes 26 minutes and the host hotel (the Pan Pacific) is located at the very last stop on this line.
  2. The taxi ride will vary in cost depending on the time it takes, but the average fee to get from the airport to the hotel would be about $25 – $30 and takes approximately 30 minutes.
  3. Uber at or Lyft at are also available.
  4. All major car rental companies are also located right at the airport terminal so you can rent a car – best to reserve ahead of time.

Are Taxis licensed?

Yes, all taxis are licensed in BC.

Where do I get more information about Vancouver?

Visit Tourism Vancouver.  There’s a wealth of information on activities, restaurants, places to stay and events.

Are the people friendly?

Vancouver is a very friendly city with people going out of their way to assist you with finding places or your way back to the hotel.  We’ve hosted major events over the past few decades, including the 2010 Olympics and the 1986 World Exposition.  Volunteers were key in both events and Vancouverites have a culture of giving to the community.


The Weather in Vancouver

 What’s the Weather like in September?

The Average temperature is a high of 19 and a low of 10 Celsius. For those more familiar with Fahrenheit:  66 to 50 degrees.  Always good to dress in layers for Vancouver weather.  Some Septembers are warmer and dryer, but being right on the water, cloudy/rainy days are also on the weather horizon.

What should I bring?

Dress Code for all events and activities is found in the Program.

In addition to your Robe and Regalia for the Investiture Service and Gala Dinner, you should bring business dress for the receptions and meetings.  Overall Vancouver dress is casual for attractions and restaurants.

Best to bring clothes that can be layered so if the weather is warm, you can keep cool, but if it is cloudy and rainy, you stay warm and dry.

Some packing suggestions:

Bring warm, waterproof clothing, including sweaters and a jacket for the cooler evenings.  Closed-toe shoes are good to have along, although sandals may be used during the day.  Hotels usually supply umbrellas.  Don’t forget your hat, sunglasses and sunscreen.


Optional Excursions

What are the details for the Alaska Cruise?

The Alaska Cruise option departs on Sunday, September 18 and returns the following Sunday, September 25.  Passengers embark from the dock just outside the front entranceway of the Pan Pacific Hotel.  So easy!

What are the details for the Rocky Mountaineer Tour?

The Rocky Mountaineer Tour departs from Vancouver on Monday, September 19 and ends in Calgary on Friday, September 23.  Passengers board the train in Vancouver from a special platform only a few minutes (by taxi) from the Hotel.  We suggest guests fly home from Calgary rather than returning to Vancouver.

Other Questions?

Please email the Chair of the SCM Planning Committee, Chevalier Jack McGee (