SCM Vancouver 2022

Once the 2020 Virtual Sovereign Council Meeting was completed successfully, the SCM Planning Committee turned its mind to the next meeting in September 2022.

SOSJ Sovereign Council meetings must be held every two years to conduct important business that will set the strategic direction of the Sovereign Order for the coming years. Normally, the meetings alternate between continents.  It is also a unique opportunity for members from across the globe to learn more about the Sovereign Order by observing its deliberations and decision-making. By being physically at the host community, SCM members and guests enjoy the local culture, scenery, architecture, and social life in the fellowship of hosts and others from around the world.

We look forward to seeing and hosting you at the Sovereign Council Meeting in Vancouver from September 12 to 18, 2022!

Vancouver 2022 Sovereign Council Meeting Planning Committee

The Vancouver 2022 Sovereign Council Meeting (SCM) Planning Committee was established, on behalf of the Commander, Vancouver Commandery, to plan, prepare and host all members of the Sovereign Order of St. John, Knights Hospitaller, and their guests to the week-long activities in support of the constitutionally-required biennial meeting of Sovereign Council. Activities include the Investiture Church Service, social events and tours during and after the SCM.

It is the intent of the Committee to invite every member of the Sovereign Order to attend the SCM week and know they – and their guests – are welcome to observe the Sovereign Council in action during their two days of Meetings. It is a unique opportunity for members who might not otherwise ever see or hear senior officers discussing policy and making decisions on items that will set the course of the Sovereign Order for the future. Each member’s participation for even part of the time is encouraged to further understanding of the important work this significant organization is engaged in.

While the Committee is responsible for planning the entire week, the responsibility for the Sovereign Council Meeting Agenda is that of the Registrar-General with the Grand Commander, thus, separate from the Planning Committee. The Registrar-General participation on the Committee is to ensure the requisite facilities and support or resources required by Sovereign Council are contemplated and will be provided.

The SCM Planning Committee comprises:

  • Registrar-General: Chevalier Dennis Magrega, KGSJ and Dame Viviane Reid DJSJ, MMSJ (former Reg-Gen) – as above.
  • Receiver-General: Dame Susan Tufts, DCSJ, MMSJ – Financial officer for the SCM.
  • Church Services: Marshal Dame Teresa Mitchell-Banks, DCSJ & Chevalier Alex Wood, KCJSJ.
  • Tours/Transportation: H.E. Bailiff Prior Anne Rowland, GCSJ, MMSJ
    • Post SCM Cruise: H.E. Conventual Bailiff Grand Marshal Richard Earthy, GSCJ, MMSJ
  • Social: Dame Heather Hamilton, DCSJ
  • Marketing/Communications: Dame Diana Barkley, DGSJ and Chevalier George Higgins, KGSJ
  • Hotel: Chevalier Michael Kaile, KCSJ and Commander David Hunt, KJSJ
  • Vice Chair: Chevalier Mark Ballard, KCSJ
  • Senior Officers:
    • Vancouver Commandery: Commander David Hunt, KJSJ
    • Prior of Mainland BC: H.E. Bailiff Prior Anne Rowland, GCSJ, MMSJ
    • Grand Prior of Canada: H.E. Bailiff Grand Prior Stewart Johnston, GCSJ
    • Liaison, Le Petit Conseil: H.E. Conventual Bailiff Grand Marshal Richard Earthy, GCSJ, MMSJ
  • Chair: Chevalier Jack McGee, CD, KCJSJ.