SCM Vancouver 2022

Now that the 2020 Virtual Sovereign Council Meeting has been completed successfully, the SCM Planning Committee is turning its mind to the next meeting.

The Vancouver Commandery is honoured to host the International meeting for the Sovereign Order of St. John of Jerusalem, Knights Hospitaller in 2022.

The SOSJ Sovereign Council meetings must be held every two years to conduct important business that will set the course of the Sovereign Order for the coming years. Normally, the meetings alternate between continents.  It is also a unique opportunity for members from across the globe to learn more about the Sovereign Order by observing its deliberations and decision-making. By being physically at the host community, SCM members and guests enjoy the local culture, scenery, architecture, and social life in the fellowship of hosts and others from around the globe.

We look forward to hosting and seeing you in Vancouver in 2022!