2018 Sovereign Council Meetings and Investiture Service

The 2018 SOSJ Sovereign Council Meetings and an Investiture Service took place in Tampere, Finland in early July.


At the first Sovereign Council meeting Bailiff William D. Stein, GCSJ, MMSJ was elected Grand Master.


H M E H Grand Master Stein is a member of the San Francisco Commandery.  He has been a member of the Sovereign Order since 1993 and has served as Commander of the San Francisco Commandery; Chairman of the Rules Committee; Chief Judge of the Supreme Court for several years; Bailiff since 2006 and Grand Marshal since 2016.

Grand Master Stein has committed to attending as many Investitures as possible and is looking forward, with his wife, Dame Suzanne Stein, to meeting as many members as possible.


At the meetings the following Bailiffs were elected to serve on Let Petit Conseil for 2018 to 2020

Grand Commander:   H E Conventual Bailiff Ian Reid, GCSJ, MMSJ and Bar.  (Canada)

Grand Marshal:  H E Conventual Bailiff and Grand Prior Richard D. Earthy, GCSJ. MMSJ.  (Canada)

Grand Hospitaller:  H E Conventual Bailiff May Storrie, CBE, GCSJ, MMSJ. (Scotland)

Grand Conservator:  H E Conventual Bailiff, Grand Master Emeritus HOSJ, Joe C. Rude III, GCSJ.  (USA)

Grand Counsellor: H E Conventual Bailiff David J. R. Petitpierre, GCSJ, MMSJ.  (Canada)

                                                                          Grand Master with Le Petit Conseil Members


On 4th July an Investiture Service was held in the Cathedral of St. John, Tampere at which the Grand Master, nine new Knights, four new Bailiffs, two Priors and two Commanders were inducted or invested.

                                            New Finnish Knights                                                    Knights and Dames in Attendance

More information on the meetings, Investiture and social events will shortly be published in a special International newsletter, which will be posted on the website.

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